Women’s Guild

The Women’s Guild is always looking for new members.  Please read our mission to foster friendships and help others, and consider joining the group once a month at our meetings.  The Women’s Guild is a non-denominational group of women from neighboring towns, meeting at the Deering Community parish hall the first Wednesday of each month at noon.  We bring a bag lunch, and enjoy beverages and a birthday cake provided by the hostess of the month.  We have time to chat and enjoy each other’s company during lunch, which is followed by our business meeting.  Our purpose is to promote friendship among communities by doing good works and helping those where there is a need.  We help run the Deering Church Summer Fair, support an assortment of charities financially as well as community welfare and other charitable needs.  We pledge a sum yearly to the Deering Community Church where we hold our meetings.  We welcome all women from Deering, Weare, Hillsboro and surrounding towns to come and join our convivial little group for fun and friendship each month.  Dues are only $5.00 a year.  Please drop in and see what you are missing – there is always room at our table.