Workdays at our church

The first Saturday of each month, except for holiday weekends, we have a morning workday planned to attend to items that need to be done, but always check the church calendar for any changes to the workdate. The trustees have a list of things to choose from and suggest items for that morning. We have hired a cleaner for the church interior and a mower to keep the grass and grounds looking neat. But there are many other things that need attention and we ask for your time and talent to accomplish these. The day starts at 7 am with a breakfast prepared by Peter Cram followed by the workday from 8 to 10 am. Please give your valuable time and talent to help keep our church in good condition. Our church home, standing in the center of the town, needs as much attention and care as our own homes receive. So come on out and give some of your time to this one Saturday each month. You don’t have to be a church member to do this. We have had some friendly faces from our town pitch in, for which we are very grateful.