News of Upcoming Events

Summer has finally arrived with it’s heat and humidity, showers and sunshine. We hope you all enjoy the wonderful summer we have in Deering. Here are some of the events planned at our church for July and August and later. Remember to click on Constant Contact e-mails from the church for new events, updates or changes to the scheduled events. These are sent out to supplement the church newsletters which come out every two months. Check the Google Calendar on the church website for up to date information as well.

Sign Up For Email Updates

We are creating a bi-weekly email update newsletter for Deering Community Church, UCC, called Bits n’ Pieces. The purpose of this endeavor is to enhance our communication.  Communication is so vital in any organization. We want everyone interested to know what is happening when decisions are made or proposed. Hard copies will be available outside the Sanctuary and in Sherwood Hall for those who do not have email. We plan to fill in gaps between our wonderful every other month newsletter and provide breaking news of events, volunteer opportunities, and special services. We’ll also include the weekly worship schedule and possible notes from committees and/or the Pastor.

The Deering Community Church rents its facilities. We have:

  • A gorgeous acoustically fine Sanctuary for weddings, equipped with a grand piano and electronic organ
  • A renovated, fully equipped kitchen with two stoves, dishwasher and cooking/eating utensils
  • Sherwood Hall for receptions, functions or meetings
  • A “Living Room” for small meetings
  • An outdoor Pavilion with picnic tables and large grilling pit
  • Horseshoes
Please follow the procedure below and fill out the rental form and mail or email to the church as instructed. Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss availability and use.

Humanities To Go Programs

August 27: The Quest for Happiness. Maria Sanders is a Philosophy professor and coordinates the Philosophy program at Plymouth State University.   She is an applied ethicist whose research engages the public in scholarly philosophical dialogue within the areas of medicine, business, education, and law while encouraging thoughtful interaction with existing and emerging technologies in an attempt to create opportunities for civic engagement and  reflective living. Dr. Sanders also hosts a weekly radio program on WPCR-Plymouth (91.7 FM) entitled Philosophy 4 Life which offers a public forum for philosophical discourse. She also co-hosts a television show, Happiness Quest, on Pemi-Baker Cable TV and is currently leading a town-wide “Happiness Quest” in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

September 24: Sitting under a Fig Tree. Maren C. Tirabassi is the author of eighteen books, most recently Gifts in Open Hands: More Resources for the Global Community. She is a former Poet Laureate of Portsmouth and Pastor of the Union United Church of Christ in Madbury. Tirabassi travels throughout the country leading writing workshops on memoirs and poetry. She is involved with other New Hampshire Humanities initiatives, including the Connections adult literacy program.

Women’s Guild

The Women’s Guild is always looking for new members.  Please read our mission to foster friendships and help others, and consider joining the group once a month at our meetings.  The Women’s Guild is a non-denominational group of women from neighboring towns, meeting at the Deering Community parish hall the first Wednesday of each month at noon.  We bring a bag lunch, and enjoy beverages and a birthday cake provided by the hostess of the month.  We have time to chat and enjoy each other’s company during lunch, which is followed by our business meeting.  Our purpose is to promote friendship among communities by doing good works and helping those where there is a need.  We help run the Deering Church Summer Fair, support a number of charities financially, including the food pantries in Hillsboro and Weare, holiday food basket operations, Hillcat Explorers, Deering Community Church, as well as community welfare and other charitable needs.  We pledge a sum yearly to the Deering Community Church where we hold our meetings.  We welcome all women from Deering, Weare, Hillsboro and surrounding towns to come and join our convivial little group for fun and friendship each month.  Dues are only $5.00 a year.  Please drop in and see what you are missing – there is always room at our table.

Attic Treasures Thrift Shop

Attic Treasures Thrift Shop is a new venture sponsored by the Deering Women’s Guild on the last Saturday of each month from 9 am to 1 pm at the Deering Community Church. Donations in good condition are accepted including children’s clothing, household items, books and small furniture, but no electronics please. Drop Off will be received during open hours and other times by appointment. Call Jeanne at 529-2540 or Joyce at 464-3376 to make arrangements. The shop is open the last Saturday morning of each month from 9 am to 1 pm in the church basement area.

Classes in Adult and Tot Yoga and MAX Meditation

Chi-Do movement classes on each Wednesday at 9:30 am.
MAX Meditation classes on each Wednesday at 10:30 am and each Friday at 7:30 pm.
Adult and Tot yoga is on May 20th and June 17th at 8 am.
Mini Me Yoga is on May 20th at 2 pm.
The cost is $10 for MAX Meditation and $5 for Chi-Do classes.

Musical Notes:

Don’t miss the wealth of summer concerts to be held at the Deering Community Church!
The Summer Concert Series at Deering Community Church, called Sundays at 3, will begin on May 21st. On July 16th, the Vermillion Strings, a piano trio from the Boston area, will perform at 3 pm. And finally Shizue Sano, pianist and favorite performer over the years, will perform on August 6th at 3 pm in the church.
Monadnock Music will be holding their free summer concert at the Deering Community church on Sunday, July 9th at 3pm with music by a piano trio.

Workdays at our church

The first Saturday of each month, except for holiday weekends, we have a morning workday planned to attend to items that need to be done. The trustees have a list of things to choose from and suggest items for that morning. We have hired a cleaner for the church interior and a mower to keep the grass and grounds looking neat. But there are many other things that need attention and we ask for your time and talent to accomplish these. The day starts at 7 am with a breakfast prepared by Peter Cram followed by the workday from 8 to 10 am. Please give your valuable time and talent to help keep our church in good condition. Our church home, standing in the center of the town, needs as much attention and care as our own homes receive. So come on out and give some of your time to this one Saturday each month. You don’t have to be a church member to do this. We have had some friendly faces from our town pitch in, for which we are very grateful.

World Service and Outreach Projects

The Feed a Teen project continues with 24 bags packed once each month by volunteers. This task is split among four churches, each taking a Friday delivery of grab and go healthy snack foods to supplement the weekend food of “teens in transition” at the Genesis Youth Center in Hillsboro, who may be homeless or come from families in need. We welcome donations of funds, or supplies such as granola bars, juice boxes, small non-refrigerated microwave-able meals, fruit cups, pudding cups, or individual sacks of nuts. The Genesis Youth Center also welcomes a bowl of apples, oranges or snack veggies to offer their young people. The center is open Mon., Wed., and Fridays. Call for their hours: 464-4145 or 731-4269.

Members of WSO continue to support the Goffstown Women’s Prison and will be attending worship service there each month. If you would like to be a regular visitor to the prison, please contact our church office for info on orientation sessions offered by the Department of Corrections.
The Deering Church and WSO make Welcome Baskets for newcomers to our town which contain an array of useful items such as potholders, local maple syrup, and information about our community. Periodically members go around with these baskets welcoming newcomers to our town and answering any questions they might have. If you are new to town and would like a basket, call the church office at 464-5643.
Keep looking at our website — — for upcoming events to be announced that may be in the planning stages presently.