Activities that are directed to folks both outside and inside the church

Deering Women’s Guild

The Deering Community Church Women‘s Guild consists of a non-denominational group of women from neighboring towns who meet at the Deering Community Church parish hall and/or on Zoom the first Wednesday of each month at 12 noon. We bring or own bag lunch when meeting in person, and enjoy beverages and a dessert supplied by the hostess of the month. Our dues are $10 per year and you do not need to be a member of the Deering church to join. Our gathering usually lasts about two hours or less. We chat and enjoy each other’s company over lunch, followed by a business meeting. We are currently meeting on Zoom while the church is closed. Our purpose is to promote friendship among the women who support each other, enrich the spiritual lives of our communities by doing good works, and help those where there is need. We make donations to support a series of local charities, including the food pantries and holiday food basket operations in two towns, Hillcat Explorers, Deering Community Church where we hold our meetings, community welfare and charitable needs.
The Guild welcomes all women from Deering and surrounding towns to come and join our group for fun and friendship each month. Please drop in with your bag lunch or attend on Zoom and see what you are missing! Come and make new friends, thereby getting to know others in your community and this area.

Collection for Local Food Pantries

Hillsborough Food PantryWeare Food Pantry
The Deering Community Church offers donations of non-perishable food for two food pantries in our area, The Hillsboro Food Pantry and The Weare Food Pantry, as part of our community outreach program. Non-perishable food can be canned products such as seafood, meat, chicken, ham, or turkey, as well as food staples such as canned vegetables and fruits, pasta and sauces, and such. In addition, products such as towels, tissues, napkins, and personal care products such as diapers, laundry and dish detergent, toothpaste and brushes, shampoos, and soaps can be donated. Any non-perishable items that families need for everyday life can be donated for distribution at the food pantries, as well as brown paper bags to carry away the items.
Cash donations are also welcomed and and collected by our Financial Secretary from those who choose to contribute money specifically earmarked for this purpose. Periodically, accumulated amounts are divided and half is sent to each food pantry. This enables the food pantries to purchase discounted food and other items from the NH Food Bank, so that their dollars go farther.
This support of the food pantries is an important part of our outreach to families in need and is well supported by our members.